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I was wondering does anyone know where I could still find the translation to this? Or if there’s anyone who’s willing to translate it? Or help me find the translation I know somebody’s translated it. Apparently he talks about his sister And himself being mistaken as twins or something??

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Hello, it’s been a while since I’ve posted anything on this journal I would like to say but I have some goodness to offer but I am neither good at translating Japanese or giving good proper information. I really appreciate all the wonderful subbers out there who translate videos and translate articles. you guys truly make my day. I get really happy when I can find awesome translations and or videos. I kind of wish I was familiar with the group when I was much younger because then I might have been able to find videos and stuff of hey say jump easier like when they debuted it and stuff but anyways. Those who take the time to read my rant thank you for reading i’m sorry I don’t have anything to offer to the community, just now I appreciate all of you.
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Cute adorable chibi small yamada ryosuke 🤩🥰

I just want to say how much this kid has really grown on me and recently A lot of my friends have been sending me pictures of him as a child which I am super surprised are floating around the Internet lol. but he seems like such a cute little ball of Innocence. I mean look at this face...

note: this is one of my favorite ones. It's just really high quality and it really gives a cute feel. I don't know how to explain it without coming off weird LOL you'll just have to really know me to understand haha he's just innocently precious.

note: in this picture it looks like he's wearing some kind of fat suit LOL if you look towards the ladder his shirt looks strange LOL.

both of these seem to be from a magazine he was often and as a child I can't quite peg his age but he seems really precious and cute here, of course it being Yamada would you expect anything different? Haha. Then there were these...

My friend of mine sent me these I was like wow oh my gosh I had no idea he was in a magazine like that that many times lol. His mother must have thought he was a cutest thing in the world which I don't blame her haha. Last but not least one of the cutest ones I've saw was....

This one like oh my gosh look how precious isn't he just adorable? And even though he's all grown up now he's still super cute and precious ❤️.

I know it's like not important but I often wonder how old he is and some of these pictures, just innocently curious because he seemed so small hehe. there are some pictures I've seen recently where they actually put at least I'm thinking is age on the pic which has me thinking that size pictures were I thought he was five or six I was sorely mistaken LOL. I can't find the photo or photos that actually list his age next to the picture I'll have to post those later in another post LOL. I hope everyone who sees this will like it in a positive way. I understand there's some misunderstandings going around but I just wanted to post this here explaining and showing off how cute he was as a child I'll post something later on about his current self LOL he was also really cute as a teenager to he's one of them guys that never had an unattractive moment if you asked me haha.

A cute collage I made with some of my favorite pics which by the way are extremely high-quality compared to some xD. But anyways.

Hello im becka >^£^

I just want to say I appreciate your communitys and all its wonderfulness. I would so very much love to be a member 😊🙏. You have my word that I will not repost anything without permission I just simply want to enjoy your wonderful work☺. So if you see me following communities and peeps I just want to make friends and read wonderful awesome content so please don't be alarmed if I randomly follow a journal it's not random I sure you haha.

               {Little yamada ryosuke age 6}

Little bitabout me I'm 25I love anime J-pop and K-pop andofcourse firstand foremost I am a Christian who lovesthe Lord. My nickname is BeckaI don't like puttingmy real name out theresorry. I'mvery friendly and I'm fairly trustworthyas I mentioned above Iwon't post any content without permissionI simply just enjoyreading translations and such specifically about thegroup hey sayJUMPs ryosuke yamada { I love allthe membersbut for some reason I'm particularly drawn tohimLOL }.

Awww does anyone know where this picture of "Ryosuke yamada" is from?? ;'3

{ I've been searching high and low and asking around about this picture I'm wondering if it's from a drama or a commercial of some sort, it doesn't seem to be a Paparazzi pic (cuz I don't know it doesn't seem...Paparazzi ish? LOL). It looks like a still shot from drama or something.

Anyways anyone who is willing to help me out it would be greatly appreciated, he's so cute here and I want to know more about it he he <^¿^>.